Section 7A - MW No.2047 of 1926

The Warwickshire Industrial Locomotive Preservation Group was formed in 1967 to save a small steam locomotive which just happened to be the last Manning, Wardle (2047/1926) built in Leeds prior to the Company being wound up in 1927. The Group initially comprised of 30 Members who each subscribed the princely sum of £10 to cover the purchase price (£150) and trasport cost (£55), the balance going towards the cost of restoration to working order. The locomotive was moved from Rugby Cement Company to Bridgnorth (Severn Valley Railway) by road in October 1967 and during the next 14 months was partly dismantled and restored to working order, being steamed for the first in early December 1968. Repainted in a new blue livery it was used on works trains and for giving footplate rides in the station yard at Bridgnorth during Steam Gala days. The locomotive was also used as a regular Station Pilot and on occasional filming duties (plus a visit to the 'Town & Country Festival' at the National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh in August 1974) until it was taken out of traffic at the end of 1975 for for the boiler to be retubed. Following this the locomotive was assigned to the Permanent Way Department of the S.V.R. and continued to be heavily used until finally withdrawn at the end of 1977 with a defective fusible plug. When the locomotive was eventually dismantled for overhaul (in 1988) it was found that the boiler was beyond 'economic repair'. Following the formation of the Warwickshire Industrial Locomotive Trust in 1993 it was decided to re-assemble and cosmetically restore the locomotive and place it on static display at Kidderminster Railway Museum in order to raise funds for a new boiler. In July 1995 MW2047 emerged from the S.V.R. Paintshop looking resplendant in green livery once again and was towed down to Hampton Loade by HE686 to attend the Station Gala. After spending some time here it eventually ended up at S.V.R. Kidderminster. In february 1997 a low loader was used to move the locomotive (and a number of wagons) into the yard of Kidderminster Railway Museum where a new siding had been laid in front of the Cattle Dock. The locomotive was destined to remain in this location until moved up to Bridgnorth by road in November 2010. By this time the MW2047 Boiler Fund had raised a good proportion of the money required to purchase a new boiler and pay towards the cost of overhaul. However more funds will be required to complete the task of full restoration. Much work has alredy been done on frames, wheels, axleboxes and springs and new cylinders were cast, machined and fitted in 2017/8. The locomotive frames were lowered onto the wheelsets in December 2018 and the locomotive was towed down to S.V.R. Bewdley in March 2019 for further restoration to take place. We look forward to having the locomotive back in working order before its Centenary in 2026. Warwickshire Industrial Locomotive Preservation Trust (a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation) approved by Charity Commission in December 2022. WILPT formed by merger of WILT & WILPG. New Boiler for MW2047 Warwickshire placed on Order (with Israel Newton) in March 2023. Delivery due in 2025.