Section 6D.7F - 2020 (Oct. to Dec.)

MW2047 Restoration Progress - October to December 2020

Starting with the good news - the Health & Safety Issue on the SVR was resolved

at the end of October with the appointment of a new Health & Safety Manager to

cover the whole Railway and a Duty Yard Master at Bewdley to control & monitor activities in Bewdley Down Yard.

Now for the bad news - due to an increase in Covid 19 cases in September

and October the whole of England was placed in a new Lockdown from 5th

November to 2nd December which obviously prevented us from resuming

Restoration Activities on site at Bewdley. It was hoped we could resume work

in early December but for various reasons this has not been possible. Even

with the promise of Covid 19 Vaccinations starting in December and being

ramped up in the New Year it is difficult to say when restoration work will

resume. Hopefully this will be early in 2021. Again, all we can say at present

is watch this space for an update on the situation.