Section 7D.7A - 2021 (Jan. & Feb)

MW2047 Restoration Progress (January & February)

The New Year started badly with the whole of the UK going into Lockdown again

on 4th January 2021 (due to an increase in Coronavirus cases plus new variations

of the virus being detected).  However, vaccinations to protect all older and

vulnerable people against Covid-19 have now started and it is hoped to have

offerered the vaccine to all those over 50 by the end of April.

The lockdown was reviewed on 22nd February when it was announced that

Shops, Museums & Heritage Railways could re-open from 12th April, with

Pubs & Restaurants (including The Engine House Visitor Centre at Highley)

following suit from 17th May. This means the SVR can begin operations

from that date (April) but unfortunately plans for an earlier opening at

Easter have had to be cancelled. The SVR has informed all Staff and

Working Volunteers that they can return to work on the Railway from

8th March 2021 (with consent of their Heads of Department) to prepare

the Railway for Re-opening. It is hoped that the 1501-WILT Working Group

can resume activities at Bewdley in March.